Meet Our Founders

Founded by Mr Mithun and Soumali Adhikary with vision of dissipating their digital skills and turning them into service for clients across the various niches. They started with robost enthusiasm to learn and identify key areas to change and adapt the digital outlook in the market.

Meet Anirban

Anirban Sen, a Photographer, Cinematographer
and Editor from Kolkata. Has been chasing the
field of Creative AUDIO VISUAL Art and enhancing his skills since 2015.
Specialised in producing Branding & Promotional content for Brands and Individuals. Has keen interest in Film Making and Filming technology.

Meet Saptarsi

Saptarsi Gol, has a vast experience working in the field of Digital Content Creation for past 5 years. His expertise drawin him to work with various industry top directors/film makers. Now he is working as Creative Idea Developer as well as Director here in ZIP. He also works with promotional content and market research for our clients.

Meet Indrajit & Souvik

Indrajit Biswas is a Post Production Artist by profession. For the past 3 years, He is diligently working with renowned Film Production firms. Subsequently, expertises in Graphic Designing. After his professional skills, he also has a passion for learning new skills and communicating with new people. He is a travel bug, enthusiast cook and you can say jack of exciting debates.

Souvik Roy, Cinematographer, Editor by profession. Has been working in the Visual Media for the past 10 years. He has best experience in producing Videos that draws attention of the masses. He has rich experience working with the film industry as well as he is the lead Cinematographer here in ZoomedInPixel.

ZoomedIn Pixel Team