Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

social media marketing tips are needed for every business, and if you are just starting out then the best suggestion I can give you is to kickstart your campaigns with social media, as it is the cheapest and the most Return on Investment deal. Even if you are not running an advertisement of these platforms, you can still get some organic/free traction.

Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Keep Social Media Profiles Updated

This is a very important concept, If you want to create an impact in the world of social media then you have to at least keep your business social media profile up to date with beautiful posts and images that attracts a potential audience in your niche, I have done a mistake before which is that I never used to post regularly and probably that lowers your reach on the particular platform.

  • Find the profiles associated with your business and analyse their posting strategy
  • Find Data From this profile and look what’s missing.
  • Update your social media profiles by removing the gap.

For example- Just have a look at the woocommerce’s social media Bio for instagram, which is so clear and simple.

social media tips
Woocommerce’s Instagram Profile

2. Use The Bio-Hack

I Have just told you about how simple should be your Instagram Bio, but this next point is so much interesting and a powerful way to boost your channels of the business from just one Link by using hey Link, This simple trick can be used in generally any platform as a link, But I would recommend mostly in the Instagram.

As you can, below is a screenshot of my Instagram profile and in my Bio, I have given a link ( as shown in 1), if you click that it will take you to a different landing page sums up all my vital links to promote my business/brand. You can also make one such link for yourself free of cost, go to Hey Link.

Social Media Strategy
Bio-Hack Social Media Trick

3. Stop Purchasing Fake Followers/Likes

Your Evergreen goal should be a healthy and honest promotion of your brand without any malpractices or illicit act.

Buying like/follows gives a negative impression to social media algorithms

You cannot sell your product if you don’t have genuine followers and people that get entices by your services or product. Use social media, the more followers someone has does not mean they earn more money in other words followers, likes, comments are vanity metrics the most vital factor is sales. Social media algorithms are wise enough to wash out the fake profile and ban those who use illegal techniques.

4.Each social media is Different

When you create different perspectives of your marketing plan, you should have the same reasoning when it comes to social media. It’s a great idea to have a specific plan for each platform you are on. Each social media site is different and there are several methods for audience engagement.

Although It isn’t necessary for your brand to be present on every site. However, if you want your posts targeting your potential audience, you should have a strategy tied to the platform of your choice which will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Are my posts unique to this platform?
  • What posts are suited for this platform?
  • What audience will reach me on this platform?
  • What is my reason for using this platform?

5. LinkedIn Is Vital

From a professional level perspective, It’s very important for an entrepreneur to have a LinkedIn account. Make sure you create the best portfolio to represent yourself(Business) that includes-

  • Use SEO keywords in your LinkedIn posts.
  • Create a public profile so more users can have a brief about you.
  • Include Case studies and other work-related info to bring clients and gain good ranking in SERP.
  • Join ‘Groups’ linked to your niche and gather knowledge as well get acknowledged by the members.
  • You can also sync your blog posts with your LinkedIn.

6. Take Constructive Criticism

When criticism is served with a positive view of your work then it is your duty to appreciate and learn accordingly. Mistakes are a way of growing, and as human beings, we are no exceptions. Sometimes we make mistakes on social media that arise criticisms, some are good and some aren’t. It is our duty to eliminate the trash and look towards the bright feedback.

Get in touch with people who post negative comments and try to understand where you are lacking behind. Trust me! These comments actually help you in getting better.

7. Engaging Question Prompts

Feedbacks from your audience are the most effective and affordable way to improve your entire social media strategy

  • Ask questions
  • Create polls
  • Ask for feedback.

Well, these are some of the impactful ways to interact with the followers and thereby also you get to know what your audience’s ultimate view.

8. Connect With New People Periodically

Don’t try to be a frong in the well, You need to get out of the nutshell and learn to communicate with new people in your domain and collaborate with each one for them , the will ultimately be a win-win situation.

  • Update your email list.
  • Create groups and connect with your followers
  • Join new groups
  • Collaborate

9.Be aware of The Trend

Once you have prepared your essential messages, be on the prospect for popular trends on each social media platform. If there is a strategy or pattern that is gaining popularity, see if it aligns with your message. If it does, take the opportunity to capitalize on it to drive engagement. Don’t be quick to jump on board into every new trend that you see. It should be necessary that the trend aligns with your brand voice because you don’t want to alienate your audience. Analyze the trend and take steps accordingly.

10. Track Via Google Analytics

Last but not least! You must keep a track on all the growth and the traffics coming from social media. You can easily create goals and analyze the achievement of these goals from Google analytics a free-tool by google that integrates with your website and gives you all the data from where your traffic is coming from.

social media marketing tips

So, What are your thoughts guys, is this article helpful ? Then please drop a comment below if you want to add any more points of your own.

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