Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

7 Tips to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Akash, this is what my digital marketing mentor use to tell me a lot. There are lot of benefits of Inbound Marketing strategy as well and in this short article I will explain to you how it is.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences targeted to them. While outbound marketing obstructs your audience with content they don’t always want, inbound marketing makes connections they are looking for and solves problems they already are engaged with.

If you are also preparing to work on your inbound marketing strategy for your business? Inbound Marketing Strategy helps your business to attract more prospects for you. Before starting, you need to know a complete guide on Inbound marketing that contains all the basic elements, tools, techniques, tactics related to inbound marketing. Therefore in the article, I will cover some of the most important aspects of It, read ahead.

7 Tips to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

1. Work on your blog and content strategy

Your blog is one of the most powerful inbound tools for your content plan. Start to make your blog a solid base of your inbound marketing strategy because it organically attracts traffic or leads. Your content should be a high quality that you post discussing topics of interest to your audiences regularly.

Adding a blog page to your website menu is an effective way of leveraging your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Did you know Google really looks for a blog on your website? And you score points if you have one! apart from the amazing SEO advantages, a blog is a professional way to stay in constant touch with your audience. Give them a reason to come back to your site with the frequently engaging content of your blog page. ( As shown below ).

Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

2. Personalize inbound marketing tactics

Always keep in mind before planning, use customization to personalize your content for every stage of the funnel. When your content is relevant to your user, they are most appreciative to be connected with your brand. The more personalised your content is the more your relevant customer is going to connect with you.

For example- When you are running an inbound marketing campaign regarding beauty creams and why should people buy it. A set of testimonials and evidence is a must-have to ensure the authority and relevancy of the product to your audience. Create Youtube Videoes, Testimonial videos, Educational Videos, blog content etc.

3. Use lead magnets

Lead Magnets are considered as one of the most useful techniques and ingredients of an Inbound marketing tool that offer to draw more users organically. They provide value that is based on buyer personas and the customers’ journey. Inbound marketing tools and techniques assist you to move your lead down the conversion funnel. The essential lead magnets are:-

  • ·High-quality and Relevant content
  • Proper Call To Actions (CTAs)
  • Well Designed Landing Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Chatbots for Support

4. Include Call To Actions (CTAs)

Call To Actions (CTAs) are one of those elements in an inbound marketing strategy that delivers to get your users’ specific actions to perform. You will need to place your CTAs buttons to develop a strong strategy that will encourage users to move along with the conversion funnel.

I have seen many new business owners or people just starting out hesitant to ask anything from their their customer, well if you don’t ask then how would they know what you want and how to react to it. Don’t Think about rejection, even if out of 100 only 2 people go through your conversation process then you are doing fairly enough.

How to Give proper Call to action
How to Give proper Call to action – Source : Apple India

You see in the above picture, how apple is using call to action to drive sales, but can you notice something different here ?. Yes you guess that right they are giving two options to their customer, as you know that at first customers are unwilling to spend their money instead of clicking the buy Now button most of them will definitely click on the Learn more section, which allows apple to collect leads and send their customer through a funnel and keeps nurturing them with e-mail until they buy. ( As explained more Below )

5. Nurturing Lead through Email Marketing

Email marketing is an indispensable marketing strategy for inbound marketing. The working workflow will offer you to nurture your leads in the different phases of the conversion funnel.

The advantage of E-mail marketing in lead nurturing is that You can keep in touch with your customers and central users. Email marketing allows you to update both the present subscribers and likely new users with what’s trending nowadays, new ads, etc. Moreover, a bulk of your leads on your index will have some prior marketing history with you, so they’re likely to be intrigued by your posts. This adds to the users’ participation all in all.

6. Use Effective SEO

SEO and Inbound marketing are not precisely the same things. In a nutshell, SEO is one of the essential tools of your inbound marketing procedure. By using proper SEO techniques, it empowers you to attract visitors to your websites that are genuinely interested in your product or services and who know that they end up buying from you. By optimizing your websites, it will help to increase your inbound marketing process that turns visitors into leads and then customers.

Search engines prefer to give valuable and highly relevant content to the users. Use Blog as a great tool to make a long term impact of your business. Writing Blogs consistently, you give Google and other search engines fresh content to index and you create avenues to ram in those all-important keywords to improve your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

As an added bonus, you will profit from backlinks if you write valuable Contents Online as other websites begin to link to the articles on your website. This adds pertinent fuel to the SEO fire because search engines consider backlinks as an approval of the authority of your website.

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7. Link Building

Link building is used to place the incoming links from your websites onto other relevant, high-quality authoritative websites. The following points must be taken into account to make more effective link building or backlinks.

  • · Diversity in the Links
  • Quality Links
  • Quantity

Link building is the way to strengthen domain authority for your website and page influence on the search engines like Google. Pages linking from another quality website to your own site gives an indication to Google that your website content is helping the users, and In turn, google take this as a powerful sign of ranking factor. Proper link building with high-quality pages referring to your topic enables you to rank higher and push more traffic to your site.

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