Guerilla Marketing Tips

5 Guerilla Marketing Tips and Example That Boosts Sales

Do you need some guerilla marketing tips ?, Well I too think that instead of spending so much money of online marketing why Don’t I put an unquiet and cringe banner in front of a highly busy street so that people notice me. Is it that easy to or it has some principles you need to follow ?, that marketing technique I am talking about is Guerillamarketing and let’s dive deeper to know more about it.

What is Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is considered a low budget, highly effective, unconventional and more visible to audience marketing strategy, used mostly by new business and startup to kickstart their traction process in the capitalist market. unique marketing tactics that yield maximum results is simply Guerilla Marketing.

Big companies have been already adopting unconventional marketing to magnify their advertising campaigns. Some marketers argue that when big businesses utilize guerrilla marketing tactics, it isn’t true guerrilla. Bigger companies have much more substantial budgets and their brands are usually already well established. What do you think about that? Is Guerilla marketing all about the low budget? Drop your comment below.

How Small Businesses Are Using Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing could be the right answer for your small business. Because When executed well, it will usually be low cost yet reach a highly widespread audience. Moreover, it can also yield an impact of word of mouth. It can also be a great way to get notified, separate yourself from the competition and earn status for being fun and different.

in short, Guerrilla marketing’s purpose is to surprise your consumer through big, unique image and impression of your brand. So that It has a memorable experience As compared to other brands.

Guerilla Marketing Example

Some of the cleverest accomplishments of guerrilla marketing campaigns have come when the Olympics was on its full flow, and with the Pyeongchang Games currently on.

Now one thing you should know is that the IOC ( International Olympic Committee) gets really upset when a non-sponsor tries to use Olympic language or imagery in its advertising during the Games. Not only does it’s Brand Protection Guidelines threaten legal and criminal action against ambush marketing, but it also plucks pledges from the host country to protect the profits of the official sponsors.

Who could blame them? Olympic sponsors collectively pay over $1 billion for the privilege.

The IOC’s tough rules suggest that—equipment apart—athletes cannot display anything bearing logos of their personal sponsors, nor can these companies can employ words like “Olympics”, “gold” or even the host city name in its advertising when the Games are going one.

Which makes this act from a certain superstar pure genius when it comes to ambush marketing

Ussain Bolt in Olympics
Ussain Bolt in Olympics

Right after Usain Bolt won the 100m gold at the last summer Olympics in Rio, Usain Bolt picked off his Puma shoes and struck his signature pose, aiming his finger right at the golden footwear. There was no doubt that these images would be the on every news channel that very night and on the front pages of every important newspaper around the world the next morning? Oh, did you just thought that this pose was a spur-of-the-moment celebration? No. Top athletes are taught to represent the gains of their sponsors, and Bolt knew precisely what he was doing.

Just after the race, Puma put on this image up on its social media pages:

Puma Commercial on Usain Bolt's Olympic Win
Puma Commercial on Usain Bolt’s Olympic Win

Did you Notice the post contains no image of Bolt after his win? Nor does the post have any graphics linking to the Olympics. Without any of Rio, Games, or gold. All of those would be violations of the rule, as per the IOC’s laws on ambush marketing.

But something interesting is in this post. The recently-famous golden shoes, of course, but also the news and hashtag “Forever Fastest”. If you’d been following the leadup to the 100m final, you would have noticed the shoe Bolt used for his heats and semis.

Forever Faster
forever faster


“Forever” printed on one shoe, and “Fastest” on the other, a nod to Puma’s advertising tagline “Forever Faster”. This was the picture-perfect performance of a guerrilla campaign all the way through, both from Usain Bolt and from Puma.

Guerilla Marketing Tips

1. Be creative in Your Approach

Guerrilla marketing can be arranged on any scale. It doesn’t require a hefty sum of money. Stay prevailing and find out some viral national events. Combine your brand or messages, have fun related to that event, and record it. Load it up on social media. Although there is no guarantee that you will get enough exposure. But always strive to practice it. You don’t’ know which shot will strike.

2. Target audience, time and place

Seize the top moment and attach emotions with your advertisements. Since guerrilla marketing is generally all about the people, you need to study their behaviours and habits. Advertising when they are relaxed, receptive will increase engagement. Time is Vitak. When people are roaming around in the market and in a mode of buying things. Let your offer stand out in front of them in a way they didn’t expect. This is guerrilla marketing.

3. Don’t hurt anyone

This is not traditional marketing. The campaign will be fun but you must keep in mind that you are not going against any law or hurting anyone. Be creative to amuse your audiences uniquely.

4. Be original and unconventional

To get the best out of a campaign you should not duplicate other’s ideas. When you copy, the audience might have experienced it before. As a result, this campaign is not going to get their reaction. On the other note, there is a possibility of marking you as a copycat when other clever marketers are getting rewarded. Unconventional and original ideas bring results.

5. Stay encouraged if a campaign doesn’t strike

Don’t expect every campaign you run to be successful. By nature, this is experimental marketing. When one-shot doesn’t strike, start brainstorming for the next idea. Roam isn’t built in one day. But you shouldn’t leave it without trying. Take the initiative to create buzz on social media. Send press releases, in addition, to run some small budget campaigns so people know something is going on here.

Before you take off the ground make sure to complete your homework. Study the history of successful campaigns that worked for your competitors or other brands. Once you are done with it, go for planning yours.

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