Youtube Tips for Vlogger

5 Youtube Tips for Vlogger in 2021

want some Youtube Tips for Vlogger? , This article is inspired by a renowned Indian Vlogger/YouTuber Soumali Adhikary. She has grown here YouTube Channel from 0 to over 1 million subscribers in the category of Lifestyle vlogging, beauty and Mom niche. I bet you definitely want to grab some tips that you can also use in your YouTube channel.

Don’t worry though, I have excavated all the ideas that are personally Told to me by Soumali Adhikary.

When it comes down boil, YouTube is a shifting market. Sometimes, what might work one year will no longer work the next. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t constants that you should keep in mind. These tips to some might be the basis of the basic but that doesn’t mean there isn’t advantage in going over the things you might have been more focused or previously (and perhaps have started to abandon now that you’re further along in your business journey.

Youtube Tips for Vlogger
Indian Vlogger Soumali

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Youtube Tips for Vlogger

1.Make yourself as A Niche

When you are starting out as a YouTube or already have a YouTube channel then the First thing you should do is identify what you truly Love, like Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of Vayner Media and a renowned American-Belarusian entrepreneur always says that turn yourself into a niche. What’s the point here? so when you turn yourself into a niche you never ran out of content and creating content out of your hobby is fun.

For example- If you love writing at the same time you can also be interested in beauty and makeup and there is nothing wrong with it, don’t afraid to be multi-dimensional. Make valuable pieces of Content around your niche and people will watch your videos based on your uniqueness not based on a particular niche.

2. Find a Niche in Your Hobbies

Now that you have known that you should turn yourself into a niche, now it is the time to get a bit profitable. In another word, I am talking about using your capabilities and uniqueness to sell something to your audience.

It’s fascinating to branch out and try different things. However, it’s an undeniable truth that channels tend to do better when they have a focus. It’s what gets your audience growing and turning back to you. It isn’t always on how you introduce yourself or the essence of your videos, those can be important factors that might help your growth, but before that, you need to find your audience and what they truly want. As you can see, Soumali Adhiakary generally makes video-based on fitness, mom niches and beauty.

3. Make Interesting Thumbnails

The big thing on Youtube according to Soumali Adhiakary Thumbnails!, It’s not always on producing the most gripping title or catch card. People tend to click on YouTube videos on the basis of a thumbnail of the video and the variety of content you push out; some thumbnails might work better or worse for your views. Look back on your own thumbnails and analytics, research the type of thumbnails people are clicking on these days and try to switch up the game a bit and see how it works for you!

4.Do not Copy Anyone

Make content that stands out and make yourself different from the masses, if you are just segmenting content from other YouTube channel and using their clips to get view and subscribers then that tricks might not be sustainable. If you want to stand out into vlogging or YouTube niches then you need content and style of your own, that your audience will admire and love to see again and again.

For example- Give your audience and reason to follow your or mission that they are a part of while following you on social media. You can also make your own slogan or tagline that people can use to describe you.

5. Monitor your analytics

Analytics is really the key here, in the long run, what matters the most is identifying which is working for you and improving on that more and more. If you are looking for some hidden gem or advice then look no further, trust on your analytics dashboard.

Go to your creator studio dashboard and look for the video which gets the maximum Click-through rate ( CTR) or average watch time, when these two numbers are high for a particular video then youtube is telling you that these type of content is working well for you and you should produce more of the same. In simple terms, the click-through rate is the number of clicks, divided by the number of thumbnail impressions, or how many times your thumbnail is seen on YouTube. For example, if your thumbnail is viewed 1,000 times on YouTube and 100 people click on it, that’s a click-through rate of 10%.

Click through Rate Youtube
Click through Rate Youtube

Make of such content and try to analyze, there is no straightforward trick in successful or YouTube tips for Vlogger, all you need is continuous testing and trying out until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What are your thoughts on this, Drop your comment and I will reply to each and every one of you. And if you are a Budding Vlogger or Trying to be a Social media influencer, then our team can assist you in your journey, curious to know more? Then click the button below.

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