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8 Step Guide to Creating Content Marketing Plan(2021)

creating content marketing Plan can be sometimes overwhelming and a good content marketing plan should ensure that every piece of content you put out fulfils a goal. You have to improve customer experiences by educating and informing them. A highly educative content can assist you to target better audience and entrusting credibility among the market. Well-planned content can do all of that and more if you create a solid content marketing plan first. (As explained below )

8 Step to creating content marketing Plan

1. Audit Your Current Content

It’s important to study the content you have now and what effect it is having on your bottom line. In this case, your bottom line consists of conversions such as list sign-ups, as well as sales, or any call to action that you included.

It’s essential to first analyze what you wish to achieve from your campaign. Determining your goals in the initial stages of planning will assist you to shape a constant strategy throughout the campaign. Also, it will give you a brief idea about the various metrics that you should track for measuring the success of your overall content marketing strategy.

2. Research Your Audience

Even if you’ve already done some research, you need to keep doing research on your audience. The audience might be the same demographics today as yesterday but due to technology and education, sometimes their views change.

To to a free Tool by Neil Patel Called Ubersuggest. It will give you a brief idea on the keywords that people are searching for on google and at the same time, it will provide a wide variety of ideas of making valuable contents for your business as described below.

creating content marketing Plan
Keyword Research Tool- Ubersuggest

Aim for the Low SD (SEO Difficulty). That way there will be a good chance of you ranking in google, although a lot of other factors matters too like domain authority, the relevancy of your content and how well structured it is. For more content ideas you can hover around the content ideas section in Ubersuggest.

creating content marketing Plan

3.Understand Your Purpose

In this case, you want to understand your overall purpose, and then how each piece of content that you create fulfils that purpose. Start with some of the content you already have. What was your thought process as you created it and how did it fit in with your goals?.

The most important step in creating any content marketing plan is to understand the purpose behind it, why are you even starting this. Do you want to get more sales? or want to collect more leads? There are tons of factor that will affect your overall progress in building an effective plan but first comes the purpose behind your action.

Ask yourself-

  • What type of audience I am trying to attract?
  • What tools do I need to attract such an audience?
  • What is my main business goal for now?
  • What is my UVP ( Unique Value proposition )?

4. Develop an Editorial Calendar

A complete editorial calendar includes product development, blog content, sales pages, social media content and more. Include every last bit of content you will need for every single product or service you want to promote on every single site that you want to place it. You can create a master editorial calendar and then separate it up into different categories to make it less overwhelming.

I have found one of the most productive editorial calendar for my business by HubSpot.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar [Examples + Templates]
Hubspot editorial Calender

If you want to get one editorial calendar for yourself then go to HubSpot and download one of yours.

5. Develop the Content

Get to work developing the products and content. Content that is well developed will educate, inform, engage, and inspire action. Ensure that you can match every bit of content that you create, in any form, to a reason for existing. Don’t only create text content. You also want to create content in other formats such as pictorial, voice and video. The more forms of content you can create, the better for your audience.

6. Promote Your Content

Now you need to promote every last piece of content that you put out there. Promote via social media and other avenues, to ensure that everything gets the attention you want it to. The attention that each piece of content gets will mean more visitors, more newsletter sign-ups, and more sales.

influencers are also a great way to promote your Content, if you want to hire some influencers for your business, then do check out ZoomedIn Pixel Strategy for Business. Click the button below.

7. Measure the Results

It’s important to always measure the results of everything you do. The reason is that you can change things on the fly. That’s what’s so great about online content marketing – the ability to improve as you go. If something isn’t working, don’t assume it’s the product or the content. Change small things about layout and word usage, and test, test, test.

8. Refine, Learn and iterate

As you find things that work for you and your audience, your job will become easier and smoother. You’ll figure out what works for your audience and you’ll be able to get better at content creation and promotion as you go.

When you write and manage your content correctly, it will make your life easier and your business grow. To discover how the most successful online administrators plan, create and deliver great content

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